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Amazing Features

  • Aadhar Card Registration

    It gives real time availability for verified resources by exploring neighborhood area filtered to an individual’s requirement using area search and pin code search.

    Aadhar Card Registration
  • Capture Your Problem

    It helps to send an image of the problem to an expert in the area for effective communication and easy disposal of work, saving on precious time.

    Capture Your Problem
  • News Feeds

    It helps to project the requirements and work offers to the surrounding resources and opens up opportunities for others to respond to it.

    News Feeds
  • Bidding And Rating

    It provides a new method of market negotiation where individual can bid on the price of services and provide rating for resource according to the work done.

    Bidding And Rating
  • Real - Time Resource Tracking

    It provides an ease of connectivity with workers by tracking them in real time from home or away.

    Real - Time Resource Tracking
  • Inaugration And Advertisement Posting

    It projects opportunities through free-marketing in neighborhood markets.

    Inaugration And Advertisement Posting


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