We are HelloSaarthi Technologies, a Delhi headquartered, Research and Development Company working on the platform of Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are creating applications, educational simulators, and games for these immersive technologies. These products have prospects of being widely utilized for Self- learning and Analysis, Skill-Development and Self-Employment in various Socio-Economic sectors like real estate, health and medication, education, training and development and many more.

We believe in providing all our customers with the true value of their time and money. We make our products and solutions with an extra added dimension of customer satisfaction. We research, design, innovate and develop solutions equivalent to international standards, keeping the economic factors as the core of our research. Our handpicked team of highly skilled and passionate designers and developers can customize all technology-based products built on varied platforms, to suit the requirements of everyone. Our vision is to solve the basic human social problems through innovative technology.