Imagine playing a 3-dimensional video or an image from your smart-phone or your laptop that can be zoomed in, zoomed-out explored, watched and then go back as easily. This is Augmented Reality for you. Meaning, unlike Virtual Reality, it does not require the viewer to enter a new world and surroundings. The images and videos just come alive from a smart-device in the real-world backdrop. Our team at HelloSaarthi Technologies understands this technology like the back of our hand. We have already created many applications and products like the EduCards, Periodic table cards, ComeAlive application, amongst others based on this technology already. As a research and development company, we can help you develop innovative products and solutions based on this technology around your particular needs as well.

Augmented Reality tends to change the perception of the viewer by ‘augmenting’ or adding something new of the virtual world to the backgrounds of the real world. The best part about this technology is that it can bring alive the computer imagery for the viewer in his own realistic background. This imagery is thus, able to directly communicate its intended message to the viewer’s brain. This concept has already found resonance in the form of augmented learning. This technology can also be effectively applied in creating games, informative applications, shopping experiences, marketing strategies which require some or all of their content elements to come alive in 3-dimensions. We have meticulously developed an experienced team of experts in this technology who passionately challenge the limits of this technology to deliver innovative solutions for the customer.

The best part is that the Augmented Reality worlds do not require Head-Mounted displays or any other kinds of special hardware for functioning. Rather, they function for the naked eyes or now through lately developed clear visors. They are thus more price-effective for the viewer and further on for augmented reality marketing. They are being viewed as a more promising choice for the markets and its sellers to reach their intended customers. Your website and application is your personalized store on the phones and laptops of each of your intended customers. Thus, it is necessary you give them ‘something’ that attracts and enables them to enter your store again and again. Augmented Reality in retail display and other innovative formats have the prowess to be that ‘SOMETHING’. Imagine each of your products coming alive to explain its construction and utility. We can enable this technology through your packaging as well. We at HelloSaarthi Technologies ensure that your customer shall completely get engrossed in this experience.