Automobile industry is zooming the VR way

Automobile Industry is zooming the VR way

Contemplating a broad market scenario, it can be observed that most of the individuals, who own a smartphone, either own an automobile of any kind already or are eyeing one to buy in a near future. Both these scenarios spell profits for the automobile industry. This connection is well analyzed and understood by the automobile industry, and also well utilized for sales.  Simultaneously, the new level of viewership experience through smartphones and computers, i.e.

Virtual Reality, is also redefining the marketing strategies of this industry.

The general automobile choosing, analyzing and pricing are researched about by the word of mouth, advertisements or internet websites. The intended customers then call for a test drive or visit the showroom for the real feel of the vehicle involved. This could soon become old school. Virtual Reality is shifting these automobile showrooms from the real world to the virtual world of a smartphone, complete with the real-like experience. The tech-savvy generation can visit and analyze the automobile by an HMD (Head Mounted Display) or other VR hardware. The engine power, specifications, luxuries provided can all be experienced through real-like simulations created in VR. All this could be experienced in a lunch break sitting in an office, without requiring the intended customer to go anywhere. The automobile shall come to you directly if you are interested in it. Automobile Giant Mitsubishi has recently launched its VR campaign ‘Night Drive’, for its low-budget variant ‘Mirage G4’. It enables the car’s intended customers to drive it at night in a secluded car-race arena through VR for the ultimate driving experience.

The size of space, the number of car models at display in a dealership, shall slowly become obsolete parameters. The customers shall soon have the option to try all the cars of a brand, all models and variants at one place itself in a real-like environment with VR based simulations. Working on the same lines Cadillac has been coercing 400 of its lowest sales dealerships to accept and apply VR models for dealership sales, without requiring the physical models. It shall drive up sales on the basis of new customer relationship and experience.

Development of a country is often treated as being synonymous with the development of its automobile industry, which in turn is highly relied on its marketing strategies and abilities. Virtual Reality created worlds effectively composes the viewer mindset to a ‘trance’ like situation, wherein the marketed products or services can garner and achieve complete user attention, with more chances of converting him to a customer. This novice marketing strategy is being progressively utilized by the automobile giants to cater to sales and beat the competition. Toyota has recently launched a marketing strategy of promoting safe driving by showcasing the consequences of unsafe driving in VR.

Automobile-building Technology is also being developed and dynamically evolved with VR. Concepts and evolution behind various parts are being analyzed, understood and shaped like a real one but through finger-clicks and without a real development. This creates a lot of room for mistakes and changes by concept engineers, as no money is lost in their expensive physical developments. Moreover, various types of crash testing is now being done in the VR based worlds to save on time and money wasted in the real physical ones. NRMA insurance in Sydney is already developing crash-simulations in their film production studios in this context.

Virtual Reality has the prowess to disrupt and evolve the automobile industry, from its core itself. Website portals pertaining to details about the automobiles shall soon be enabled to offer their real-like experience as well. These applications are taking the industry to the next level of customer interaction-ability and intimacy. Thus, automobile-market future and sales shall soon be highly dependent on these versions of the technology. HelloSaarthi Technologies is a company that has aced its game in the field of Virtual Technology already to create these simulations with ease and character. Visit our site here to get a preview of their expertise. What are you waiting for? Time is money and it is already ticking.

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