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Designed to increase human resource approach and its accessibility exponentially, HelloSaarthi application provides a coherent solution to the employability and work-related generic problems. By combining technology and management, we ensure work becomes approachable both for the resources as well as the users. In consistence with the local market place and its cultural requirements, this application is specially designed to primarily focus on achieving maximum approachability for the world around us. Thus, exploring opportunities in our neighborhood’s itself to solve our everyday life problems.

Creating a bridge between human necessities and problem solving with just a click, HelloSaarthi application provides user and resource with the functionalities of:

PIN-CODE SEARCH & LOCATION SEARCH: It helps to explore verified potential resources and opportunities in neighborhood areas filtered to as per individual’s requirement.

PROBLEM POSTING: It helps to generate opportunities for the human resources and opportunities available in local pin code area market in our neighborhood. It is made available in the form of news feed to create awareness about daily requirements, to understand the daily neighborhood activities and opportunities of work. This helps to approach our neighborhood markets in a new light in the global market background.

INAUGURATION & SELF-ADVERTISEMENT: The advertisements are continuously running on HelloSaarthi application which helps in reasserting the kind of resources available in each locality. After registration, HelloSaarthi provides you with pre-generated flyers describing your skill sets and profiles. They can then be shared with friends and family on all social networking profiles.

DIRECT CONTACT, AUDIO-VIDEO CALLING & INSTANT MESSAGING & CHATTING: This provides accessibility to our users and resources with the real-time approachability edge. By providing direct access to the resource through audio calling, instant messaging and video calling, we enable the user to reach the resource through the most convenient methods possible.


You generally end up picking up objects on display in the market. HelloSaarthi application has been created keeping in mind this generic user mindset. Since it has been developed as an online marketplace on the lines of neighborhood market models, the user will always have a clear view of the kind of resources that are available in their locality as per their specific skill set. HelloSaarthi application has been created to bridge the gap between the users and the resources available locally to undertake various work opportunities. There is an array of specific features we have inherently combined in our application:

REAL-TIME AVAILABILITY OF RESOURCES: Itcreate awareness for the users about the kind of resources are available for their job and for what particular timings will he or she be available for. It leads to overall better time-management both for the user as well as the resource.

CAPTURE & SHARE THE PROBLEM: This feature enables the user to click a picture of the problem at hand and send it to the resource itself. The resource then gets a complete clear idea of the issue and thus, comes well prepared in advance. This further helps in saving time and effort.

REAL-TIME RESOURCE TRACKING: It ensures that the user does not have to wait for the resource endlessly. The user will know through this feature of ours as to where the resource is exactly in location and how much time will they take to arrive.

BID & HIRE: This is a unique feature of the HelloSaarthi application wherein the user is accepted as the final judge of the optimum price to be paid for a particular job. The user can decide on a particular price and bid it with the job description. As a result, the resource who is willing to work at that price accepts the job. This leads to avoidance of cumbersome bargaining and price confusion after the job is done. The user’s and the resource’s job tends to become much simpler.

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Innovative Solutions


HelloSaarthi Application believes in using technology in an approachable and accessible manner and costs for all to initiate an environment of overall development for the society. HelloSaarthi Application has bought together the user and resources in a future enabled online background. It is a true shadow of the local marketplace concept, in the digital markets arena. Thus, this digital marketplace will come to your home, in your phone and help you engage all your service requirements by the best of local resources from the ease of your home. HelloSaarthi application is a real-time track able platform of local market resources and requirements with various features to ensure time management, confusions, transportation and bargaining scenarios for both the ends. Getting a service done was never this simple and reliable.

CAPTURE YOUR PROBLEM: HelloSaarthi application gives the user an option of clicking and capturing the picture, problem or task along with writing the detailed description of the problem to be resolved that can be sent to the resource directly. On the other hand, the resource can guide about the issue details, solution, costs and neighborhood approachability and come prepared in terms of tools to resolve the issue. This ensure effective communication and easy disposal of work, saving on precious time, money and efforts.

BIDDING & NEGOTIATION: This feature provides a unique method of market negotiation where individual can propose a bid amount to the resource by looking at the resource ratings and previous work done credibility. The resource will only accepts the job when he is willing to accept the price bid for the job, thus, saving a lot on bargaining and negotiation time.

INAUGURATION & SELF-MARKETING: HelloSaarthi application provides a free internal advertisement module to create awareness about the resources to the users and project opportunities to the resources to inaugurate themselves to the real world job markets. When a resource register with us, he or she is provided with pre generated digital flyers personalized for them and their work for free advertisement and self-marketing within their pin code. Thus, saving a lot on marketing and advertisement costs. This also enable users an ease of communication by being approachable and awareness about the potential resources in their neighborhood.

START-UP MODULE: HelloSaarthi application has been created with the sole vision of providing a direct work platform to all those who are willing to work whether part time or full time, in after study hours or after job hours, from any place. We help our resources to gain market perspective, help them in marketing their expertise and gain continuous work without the requirements to rental or invested in office spaces. This platform will also help Indian women and physically challenged individuals to work within the scope of their home itself and a phone by making markets approachable and accessible to them and increasing their global market reach. HelloSaarthi applications help to stand in and gain work as per your expertise and work fields for as many hours as you are willing to work.

NEWSFEED: To increase local awareness about the market around us, we have introduced this unique feature of Newsfeed. HelloSaarthi application actually broadcasts the work required to be done with all its details like price band, timings required, etc. to all resources of a particular locality, to ensure that the work gets done as per the user requirements even if it is not accepted by one resource due to any constraint. Moreover, other resources also get a whiff of works available and jobs sought in a particular area.

TRACKING OF HIRED RESOURCE: HelloSaarthi Application has been developed keeping in view the core goal to create money value of time, both for the resource as well as the users. Thus, we have inculcated various features to ensure no time is wasted from both the ends. HelloSaarthi application provides its users one such feature of real-time tracking of resources to ensure the users themselves will always know the real time position of the resource. Thus, no more long waiting hours and the user is also available as and when the resource reaches his destination. We save on precious time lost in time confusions.

RECOMMEND MODEL: Motivation harbors efficiency, yardsticks assure quality. Our recommendation and feedback feature helps in both these avenues. Recommendation helps to provide our resource the reason to work better in comparison to his peers, as it would up his marketability in the locality and motivates him to deliver quality services. This further leads to better work opportunities in the future for the resource including better pay and respect. A multiple-times recommended resource is a dynamic and developing expert.

GENERATE FLYER: The world has gone digital. Most of the marketplaces all over the world are now being replaced by online e-marketing platforms. Thus, e-marketing is no more a choice, rather a requirement to be market-ready for the coming times. The team at HelloSaarthi application understands these requirements and thus, provide pre-generated personalized flyers to all our resources. These flyers are digital in nature and can be easily shared on all social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It helps our resources to market their skills and expertise for better jobs through their own locality, friends and family.


HelloSaarthi application has been designed and created to bring difference in the way the self-employment, home employed, students as part-time workers, women working from home, physically challenged working from homes and remote places, and retired individuals looking for easy work opportunities and accessibility to local and global market from their comfortable locations. It is a digital information portal that connects us with the local neighborhood market and opportunities bridging the gap between the local resource work opportunities and user daily need requirements in a self-employed format with easy and comfortable access which will build up a collaborative, productive and friendly neighborhood for work. Self-employed sector is deprived, yet steadily growing sector of the economy. There are certain features which are being designed for the upliftment of this sector:

PINCODE SEARCH: HelloSaarthi application is an online available local marketplace platform. Thus, the jobs posted and resources allocated are always in the neighborhood. It helps the resources to get a clear view of the daily need requirements and work opportunities, thus, increasing the productivity of workability.

SELF DIGITAL BRANDING: To create awareness about the resources to the users and to project work opportunities to the resources to inaugurate themselves to the job markets, HelloSaarthi application provides free self-generated marketing flyers once the resource register with the application. These flyers can be very easily shared on all social media platforms which will help to boost their marketability quotient.

BID & SHARE: HelloSaarthi application has been created with the goal of upliftment and development of the self-employed sector including work from individuals, undereducated yet skilled resources, students who are willing to work as part timers or freelancers, women and housewives who are motivated to become self-employed and retired personnel. Our users are enabled to have a clear view of the resources and jobs in their locality complete with the price band being paid. They can then bid as per the market price and the resource they require. Also, it gives a complete idea to the resource about the pool of jobs in a locality, the price bands being offered, and the kinds of work opportunities that are available in the market around us.

APPOINTMENT BASED WORK: HelloSaarthi application has been created with the vision of bringing professional approach to the self-employed sector in terms of work, time and money value, thus, giving resources an option to choose the work they are willing to undertake in the available time slots with them. The user also receive the expert services at an appointed time, accessible from the ease of their homes. This will in turn develop a professional work culture for the self-employed sector.

Self Employment
Value for time and money


For sustainability and to create personal space in the global market, an individual, need to value the money it makes and time its work inculcates. HelloSaarthi application has been designed to reduce the market gap between the work opportunities and to provide a free of cost platform to access these opportunities which will in return provide value for money and time to everyone. Certain features of the application have been introduced which not only incorporates new way of market negotiation but also saves the time, work and money issues. HelloSaarthi application truly believes in ‘MONEY VALUE OF TIME’.

LOCALITY BASED SEARCH: HelloSaarthi application is a local online marketplace, thus, can be accessed from anywhere with the ease of a mobile phone. Thus, the resources available for all jobs are local and completely responsible for the service they provide. Since, the resource gets the work in his own locality, he gets to create and expand his niche of loyal customers within quality services and the user receives optimum solution with the best of prices by a trusted resource.

REAL-TIME AVAILABILITY OF RESOURCE: HelloSaarthi application enables real-time tracking of all its resources, to ensure that its users waste no time in waiting to get a service completed. They will have an exact idea of the time of arrival of the resource beforehand. This unique feature also ensures that the resource also does not have to waste precious time in waiting for the arrival of the user to get the service done.

BID & SHARE: HelloSaarthi application harbors the ‘zero time wastage’ policy both towards the resources and the users as well. It thus, incorporates features like bid and share. The user has the independence to bid a price he is willing to pay to get a particular job done. The resource, who is then willing to work at that prices, accepts the job. It helps to save precious bargaining time and avoid unpleasant price confusion scenarios for both the resource as well as the user. It ensures that the resource is well aware in advance about the price he will be paid and the user gets quality work done at his own price terms.

CAPTURE & SHARE: HelloSaarthi application inherently includes features to ensure confusions and time wastage are completely eliminated between the resource and the user. The ‘capture and share’ feature enables the user to click a picture of the issue at hand and send it directly to the resource. The resource can then exactly decide and advice on the time and money involved to get the job done. As a result, the resource and user get a fair idea about the service to be done beforehand and confusions can be easily avoided. Moreover, it helps to save on time wasted in elaborations and confusions about the work, time and money issues.


HelloSaarthi application has been designed keeping in mind the designated goals of transforming self-employed into professional freelancing entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs into successful businessmen. This application is a platform that increase the awareness of work opportunities for formal and informal self-employed sector which includes work from home individuals, under educated yet skilled resources, students who are willing to work for part time or freelancers, women and housewives who are self-motivated to become self-employed and physically challenged and retired individuals who can explore their working capabilities from their home itself. We assure you alliancing with us will give you a diligent digital hand that will not require even a single penny of extra money from your end. We have certain specific features to ensure that HelloSaarthi application is the best bet in terms of digital diversification of your business:

APPOINTMENT BASED SERVICES: This feature help the users to book the resources according to the time available with them and resources will also accept the work according to their time slots. Thus, no extra hours is been wasted on futile arguments about time and money between the users and resources. Thus, developing a professional work culture for the self-employed sector.

LOCALITY BASED SERVICES: This feature will definitely help you to diversify your customer base in your own areas. More people will know about the working capabilities of the resources specifically in their neighborhood and better feedback of current jobs will ensure better work opportunities.

VENTURING INTO NEIGHBORHOOD MARKETS: The world is going digital and this new marketplace is global in nature. So why do you have to restrict yourself to certain areas? We as an online application can help you reach other closer localities as well which as of now had been unexplored for you.

SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDLY FLYERS: These flyers are generated for all of our registered resources and business enterprises to further expand their social reach through marketing between friends, family and neighborhood areas.

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