‘ComeAlive’ is an Augmented Reality based application that can make literally anything come alive for the viewer. Not in reality, but close-to-reality in the digital world. Any object, any celebrity, a mentor, any person, a dish, a sport and what not, can be enabled in a 3-dimensional audio-visual for a holistic view. It is an innovative, next generation of the technology platform that transforms a simple 2-dimensional image into a complete 3-dimensional experience. It can even enable Augmented Reality based Social Neighborhood networking through internet-based applications and website platforms. As a research and development company, we are willing to go to all extents to customize this experience as per your brand and product requirements. Be it 3D visualization, architectural designs, VFX, 3D Modelling, Rendering, Lighting, 3D animation, 3D characters, 3D tools, Graphic designing , concept designing, concept video development , virtual and augmented walk-through ( on brochure flyer, on newspaper, on mobile), Virtual and augmented tours , or perspective designing (HD), we have experience and experts to develop and customize all. In comparison to the same boring text or image, the ComeAlive application immerses the viewer in its exhilarating experience, creating immense scope for augmented marketing. This could turn out as the game-changing, especially effective strategy for Marketing promotions, branding and to improve customer relations. Immersive, interactive and experiential marketing solutions could easily become your next marketing strategy and a reason for envy for your competitors. We develop these strategies and its solutions at par with international standards at very reasonable prices. We have already expertly developed augmented reality marketing solutions across sectors like real estate, education, medical, travel and tourism, FMCG, Health, SME and manufacturing, retail and startups. Our augmented reality application shall transform your targets of success to reality.