Four Real-World Applications of the Augmented Reality Technology

Four Real-World Applications of the Augmented Reality Technology

Arthur C. Clarke, a British inventor, and futurist; has well said that,

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

It stands true for what all technology has already achieved and is touted to achieve in the coming future. From cavemen to astronauts and spacewalkers, it has been shaping the past, present, and future of the human race. Technology is dynamic, evolving every minute. Concepts like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence have thrown up options and applications that were unforeseen or thought of earlier. In this blog, we are going to focus exclusively on the Augmented Reality part.

Augmented Reality or AR has enabled creation and viewing of images, objects, and videos in 3-dimension without the customary line of vision that separates them from reality. For example, a real-like image of an apple can be made to protrude from a smart device to provide a kid its complete knowledge and a real-like chair can be viewed as being placed in the real background through this technology platform. Thus, the scope of usability of this technology is unlimited. Let us explore five of these uses (apart from games):

1. Academics

Augmented Reality has shown tremendous promise in helping explore concepts and available information. The best part about learning with Augmented Reality is that it gives the whole picture of the concept in 3-dimension, without leaving anything to the imagination.

For example: When the concept of the tooth is to be imparted to would-be dentists, they can zoom in and zoom out to particular tooth areas to get the complete picture. Moreover, this knowledge is presented in an interactive and accessible manner, which further makes learning through this technology attractive for the learner on the whole. ‘HelloSaarthi EduCards’ developed by HelloSaarthi Technologies is one such affordable learning tool based on Augmented Reality.

2. Automobile Industry

Automobile giants like BMW have been researching the creation of Augmented Reality based windshields that shall enumerate required data and provide directions to the drivers in their line of sight directly on the windshield.

The concepts of Augmented Reality have already been utilized to create digital experiences for marketing purpose by the automobile giants already. HelloSaarthi Technologies have created driving simulators on these lines to learn and practice the driving skill in a real road like environment.

3. Military

It is the time of Unmanned Vehicles, and the concepts of Augmented Reality are being used to support them. Heads-Up displays to view important enemy-related information insight directly for the fighter pilots are being developed.

Similar, Head Mounted Displays are also being developed for the ground troops.

4. Internet Browsers

Technology is being utilized to augment technological experience for the end user. User choices perceived are stored and utilized to create 3-dimensional models of objects to be viewed in websites and applications. Thus, the user is able to view an object in 3-dimension, can superimpose it on his current surroundings, to get its realistic look and feel. These have found special attractiveness for the e-retail related firms.

These are just a few of the applications of Augmented Reality. This technology is growing by leaps and bounds. The coming times are going to be a testament to it.


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