M-O-M should be written as ‘Mostly Overdoing Millennial ‘. Yet, they are the most underrated ones. They make homes, education, fun, work, actually our lives possible and more so comfortable for us. They simply put in all their best efforts and expect no returns.
This Mother’s Day, Hellosaarthi Technologies endeavors to partner with you in making the lives of these self-less mother’s better and more empowered. You could help them take control of their lives and it’s financed by becoming work-independent and self-reliant. We offer a series of skill development and up gradation courses through our virtual classrooms and S.A.R.A.L. application that enable self-learning in a 3-dimensional environment. It is the perfect recipe of holistic learning and therefore, development.

The women and thus mothers, who are not allowed to or cannot leave their premises due to reasons like societal embarrassment, age criteria, societal norms, family pressures, etc.; can easily learn through them.

A female can master masonry skills, yoga by yoga cards, and study other subjects through virtual laboratories, amongst others. ‘Educards’, ‘BILS’ and ‘Virtual Laboratories’ by Hellosaarthi Technologies provide a genuine gateway of growth, available at a very affordable cost. They bring learning to the hand of the learner using smart-phone and internet technologies, making them very accessible and approachable.

Money matters and women understand it the most as home-runners. Women should thus, be skilled enough to be able to face the turns and scenarios of life with dignity. Our Self-Employment Application offers a unique platform for skilled women to easily register and work-from their homes as self-employed entrepreneurs. They could highlight their skills and receive work assignments at their home directly through their mobile phones.

According to the recent report titled, ‘State of Working in India 2019’, women are the worse off than men with respect to levels of unemployment as well as reduced labor force participation.’ As agricultural incomes collapse and India finds itself in a period of jobless growth; sadly, the rural youth is rushing to the crowded urban centers hoping to flee the inevitable poverty of the villages. Inculcating women in the productive numbers of our country, during this grim situation would also help add a few billion to our seemingly-stagnated economy.

A mother creates and nurtures life.

Let us help them now look after their own life and happiness. This mother’s day, step away from the generic gifts of an occasional dress, cake or perfume. Gift her the most impersonal and precious thing itself; ‘herself’.

You owe it to her and yes, she owns it too. She just needs a gentle reminder. Introduce her to the world of HelloSaarthi Technologies; where learning gets Going and the going gets Good.

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