Learning is one of the most essential parts of human growth, especially kids. It helps to develop them into successful individuals and achieve their desired goals. To this effect, children are expected to read books, attend schools and colleges, and listen to lectures, listlessly, generally without any choice or motivation. We are creating learning tools for kids that shall redefine the way things are learnt. HelloSaarthi EduCards are one such product.

They are basically Augmented Reality based flashcards that shall bring learning objects to life, for self-experiential and augmented learning. Text can bring a mind to imagine products, but cannot provide a realistic visual or feel. Whereas, education can become more interesting for kids if they are somehow enabled to interact with the objects they are learning. It shall make learning easier for kids to understand and grasp. This is where the HelloSaarthi EduCards step in. For example: A kid who has not seen a tiger before, but is made to learn T for tiger, may get uninterested and unmotivated. But, if T for Tiger starts roaring and walking in front of the kid, in a real-like manner, he is sure to get interested. He may actually end up learning much more about the tiger and its characteristics unintentionally.

Once the cards are bought, the viewer is required to download HelloSaarthi EduCards application from the Google play store free of cost. Once downloaded, the cards and their augmented reality aspect can be activated by merely scanning them through an android smart-phone or a tablet.
It is the next generation of education transfer methodology that is interesting, interactive, innovative, effective and full of feelings. It simulates the learner’s mind, imagination and creativity, increasing the applicability of knowledge learnt manifolds.