Learning Made Fun With VR

Learning Made Fun With VR

“If I had the power to influence Indian Journals, I would have the following headlines printed in bold letters on the first page: Milk for the infants, Food for the adults and education for all”


These are the revolutionary words of Lala Lajpat Rai, the famous Indian Visionary Leader and Reformist. He clearly equalizes the importance of education in our country’s development to other basic necessities of survival. Education and Learning are the most powerful tools of mankind that enable each individual to grow personally as well as in a society as a whole. It helps us face life and its innumerable challenges with ease. For example: In contrast to the traditional uneducated and unskilled farmer, a skilled farmer may employ various technicalities, chemicals, and practices in the correct fashion to increase his yield manifolds, and thus, his income earned.


Virtual Reality is helping the learners to learn better. It is a new technology that has already marked its phenomenal presence in the fields of defense, engineering, automation, aircraft simulations, games and entertainment amongst others. It is also creating waves in the skilling and education sectors. Virtual Reality as a platform inculcates creation of three-dimensional worlds for the learner to explore and learn on one particular topic or concept, at his own pace and convenience. Thus, it gives education a new façade, a new dimension and a new experience involving all human senses. It makes learning much more convenient, interesting and efficient.


Schooling happens approximately 180 days a year. Rest of the time is underutilized during holidays. This time can be over-utilized in a fun way through Virtual Reality.


Children may enhance their learning abilities and knowledge through these modules that shall actually be talking to them personally. They could easily end up learning a new technology or a language and even interact with their peers in a real-time and virtual environment. Virtual Reality modules are promoting Home-enabled growth, which can be customized for each individual separately. This application of VR is being utilized by working and already-employed individuals who are short on time, but wish to learn and new skills further for development. It has evolved a domesticated methodology of development, meeting world standards.


The best part about these modules is that they tend to stay in the reader’s mind for a longer time span. Simply stating, if kids can remember the famous dialogues of Jurassic Park or any other famous movie, they shall remember the learned concepts in a similar way. Moreover, with VR the learning travels with the learner wherever he or she goes. Summer Vacations, no problem; international trips, no problem! A learner in Europe can tour the Amazon Rainforests with ease. HelloSaarthi Technologies is an Indian-based company that aced its profile in creating Virtual Reality modules of all types. They have also developed virtual classrooms to enable easy deploying of VR modules on all platforms. Click here to visit their website.


Virtual Technology is providing learners the luxury of ‘space for error’. Each chemistry student in a class can be separately provided access to individual practical laboratories to undertake practical experiments for all concepts, do mistakes and analyze their consequences without any actual loss. It includes a special application for biology students who can work on separate human bodies, without actually requiring a dead body. This undoubtedly, leads to better and effective learning, ready for application in the real world.


Virtual Reality makes learning easy, as it promotes self-exploration of learning in a 360-degree view. This has helped the learners who require special help with learning in a big way. Firstly, they are not required to face the hostilities of the world on a daily basis to learn. They become the choosers of their learning and its place. Secondly, they learn at their own pace without being embarrassed about it. Exploration and hand are on approach aids in learning and retention. Slow Readers may actually learn fast with VR modules. Autistic and learners suffering from other mental disabilities are actually beginning to view learning in a new friendly light of VR.


Our formal learning system engulfs a solid chunk of 18-25 years of our lives. It thus needs to be analyzed and developed as per the current times. Virtual Reality is enabling the growth of a parallel education system where Learning shall become interesting and attractive. It is evolving into a methodology of imparting learning that has the prowess to comprehend and utilize the heights of brain-development personally for each individual.


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