Creation of new technology-based worlds is Virtual Reality. Creation of these worlds with the real background is Augmented Reality. Combining the two technologies of augmented reality and Virtual Reality as well as introducing the humanitarian sensory functions, together form the MIXED REALITY. It is this technology that is completely going to change the way the world sees the web and browses it. It transforms internet viewing into a holistic experience, complete with human touch, feel and movement sensations. Even the viewer’s ‘eyeball’ sensations can be mapped to create exploration activities of the mixed-reality worlds. HelloSaarthi Technologies is a research and development based company that understands the nuances involved and applications possible from A to Zee.

Mixed Reality overlaps the Virtual World in a real-time backdrop and also accepts human interface. It inculcates the unique characteristic of Human-Computer Interface (HCI). Simply stating, it accepts ‘Humanized inputs’ in the form of hand movements, feet movements, eyeball movement, voice commands, etc., apart from the regular keyboard inputs. These inputs are then utilized to further manipulate the software modules and perform the desired functions. For example, A 3-dimensional maze-resolving module can be enabled through this technology. It shall be completely explore-able through feet and eyeball movement and shall not require a separate keying in input process. These module’s development requires in-depth programming expertise of sensory devices, trackers and their simultaneous synchronization with viewer movements as well as their combined integration with the software at hand. We understand and have been customizing this technology to suit our client’s needs from various industries. This new experience has led our customers to achieve high viewer retention and turnaround rates, in turn, providing the highest Returns on Investment in comparison to all other marketing strategies applied.

Be it exploring your building in 3-dimensions or your engineered machine or your atomic knowledge, Mixed Reality gives it the ‘humanizing effect’. The technology tends to resonate with the intended viewers with maximum efficiency. Even live streaming of events in 360° for various events can be innovatively done and customized using it. These applications can also be customized to record genuine feedbacks, becoming the perfect tools of market analysis and scope of growth.

Windows 10 has already been updated with features supporting Mixed Reality. This technology has thus, reached inside most of the foresighted and futuristic homes as well as businesses. You just need a friend who can help customize this technology to shape the marketing strategy trends in your favor. HelloSaarthi Technologies is just that friend, diligently ready to help you with all your technology related needs.