Mobilizing Education For All

Learning’ is an inherent part of our lives. It is an ongoing process that lasts us our lifetime. Systems and organizations like ‘schools’ and ‘colleges’ are designed to provide us a certain level of knowledge. This knowledge is required for development and growth as an individual. But, the methodology of providing this knowledge has become stale. Similar lessons are being taught in similar classes, ways, and organizations. With the evolution of learning and learners, this learning methodology also needs to evolve.

Technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other applications of IoT (Internet of things) can provide learning in an interesting way. They are together forming the new methodologies of learning. They even enable the creation of real-like images and videos in 3-dimension. Moreover, they can also allow them to be superimposed into our real- environment, and with other imaginative objects. This gives wings to creativity, imagination and an individual’s perceptions.

Our traditional education systems are downright boring. They are cumbersome in their approach of limiting a learner’s intellect to information provided in textbooks. These books are uninteresting to read and learn from. Thus, they lead to a generation of skilled individuals experienced in mugging up information, rather than understanding and applying it efficiently. Technology is bringing a wave of change to this attribute of our ‘education system’.


Technology-based companies like HelloSaarthi Technologies are breaking these barriers with their digital, interactive and affordable modules of learning. These modules and related tools require smart-phone or a computer to take learning to the learners. All chapters can be zoomed in and out, and explored as per the learner comfort and requirements.

Technology can make learning quiet interactive, efficient and fun. The learning and education shall go to them, at their homes, at their fingertips. Education is not limited for the elite few attending classes in schools and colleges in the Urban Areas. Education can be made freely and easily available for all, including the last mile citizens of our developing nation.

Educationists from all over the world have expressed the requirement of customizing education as per the requirements of individuals.

We have been blessed with unique brains and their unique functionalities. Since education is deemed to be vital for its development; it should be made available to everyone. Augmented Reality is revolutionizing this part of education too. Its modules can be easily accessed and shared from anywhere, anytime. They are made in an intuitive manner to provide step-by-step learning.

Augmented Reality can provide a learner space to practice and do mistakes in the virtual world. Any hand, body or even eye movement can be mapped onto the images and videos created in Augmented Reality leading to the learners to do and test their acquired knowledge. A chemistry student can be allowed to do experiments and learn. Similarly, a mason learner can make a wall and learn.

Augmented Reality can make it easier and interesting for you. Try it to believe its effects…

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