SelfEmploy application envisions to bring an information portal for self-employed, home employed, part-time workers, students , women, unorganized sector and users looking for potentials, in the most approachable neighborhood and global market of occupation and self- employed sector. It is the optimum solution for anyone looking out for ways on how to be self-employed. We endeavor to create a digital and social network platform aimed at making the work opportunities approachable and accessible, in a manner such that they would reach every palm. Our focus is to reduce the existing market gap between the work opportunities through our self-employment app and provide an approach to access these opportunities which will in turn provide money value of time to everyone.

We understand the importance of work, the sole tool that can be altered for self-employed workforce so that they could connect to their neighborhood and explore real time work opportunities around them. There is a need for proper direction of development, a direction that is accessible and approachable for all, the rich or the poor, urban living or rural living, young or the old, employed or the unemployed, in service or retired, self-employed women or housewives, students or part time workers. This application has been designed and created as a tool to provide this direction. This is the biggest benefit of self-employment app.

This application is an online self-employment option to support all those who are willing to work, to work for better productivity, development, better pay scales, work satisfaction, a better future. We intend to create a work culture in the self-employed sector that would welcome all those who sincerely wish to work with open arms without any prejudice of age, work, level, pay-scales, locality, etc., a work culture that ensures development for all. This work culture will also in turn help the user, and the overall market to grow to expect and deliver world-class services.