Self-Learning : A Pathway for Better Future

Self-Learning : A Pathway For Better Future

Everyone aims to charter ahead in life both for himself as well as for his family. It is the only real reason that aspires him to work hard. Learning provides the stepping stones required to charter these heights. Be it our parents, schools, universities, work-place, piers, friends, life itself, everyone and everything provide us with a lesson or two. It is then left upon us to absorb it for better development. This self-initiated learning creates the difference of development amongst different individuals, peers, and colleagues. A laborer shall keep working as one amongst other laborers until he initiates learning and development to be at the contractor level himself. Learning the next level of expertise shall help him progress ahead than his co-workers. So is true for every field and in every field of life.


Have you heard of the term ’Autodidacticism’? Yes, a special term has been dedicated to denote self-learning done at your own comfort of time and pace. Self-learning has helped develop and differentiate geniuses from the common man, like Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Darwin, Steven Spielberg, Srinivasa Ramanujan, and many more are all autodidacts. We as a country comprised of a population exceeding 1.2 billion in numbers. More than 60 percent of this population stands in the workable-youth bracket. Thus, our traditional system of learning has to cater to more than 50 million individuals with the same books, lessons, concepts, and exams. Different individuals pertain to different regions, lives, social surroundings, different walks of life. Then how can the same learning at one pace suffice all. Self-learning can help different individuals learn as per their interest, comfort, mindsets, time and pace. This enables highly efficient learning with better understandability of concepts.



Let us understand the basic inclusions required for self-learning:


This time is the best for self-learning. With the advent of the digital age, an individual is no longer required to look for books, libraries, skill centers, schools and colleges for learning. Information is freely available and can be very easily accessed through a computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or any other smart device from even the remotest corner of the world. It has made content approachable and easily accessible for one and all.


We have always looked for a teacher, for a mentor to learn and to develop because that is the way the system has taught us to do. We have been psychologically hampering our scope to learn by limiting it in the chains of this system. Learning is grasping information and retrieving usable knowledge from it. Thus, a willing learner can freely seek information from online books, tutorials, blogs, videos, etc. without the requirement of a formal teacher.


The traditional learning systems of schools, colleges have tamed our birds of creativity and imagination. Learning cannot be and should not be forced. A learner should be allowed to explore his interests at his pace for self-improvement. What matters most is what we as learners do, whether inside or outside the classroom. It is high time we let our imagination let loose and empower it to learn skills that we could not think of earlier.



Enumerating the extensive benefits of Self Learning:


In a broader sense of the word, actually, all learning is self-learning. Self-learning is in itself a very inclusive study concept. It also includes supporting the traditional system led to study with more information provided through interesting formats. Simply stated, a brain learns and understands better when it wants to learn a particular concept and is able to do it at his own pace. This is exactly what self-learning provides. You are not required to take exam stress and competition stress. With self-learning, you can self-develop at your own pace.


We at HelloSaarthi Technologies have developed options of self-learning that can be easily accessed by all using the internet and a smart device. Our Virtual Classrooms provide an infrastructure of a real-time classroom in a school that enables learning with or without the peers, but in the 3-dimensional virtual world. Thus, it can be created and developed at a fraction of the cost of a real-world school. These virtual classrooms support virtual reality enabled Sensory Augmented Reality and Applied Learning (S.A.R.A.L.) modules that utilize images, videos, audios storyboarded with virtual reality to provide an experience of the learning world, a definite and interactive step ahead to mere reading about it.

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