Skill Development as the Key to Success

skill development as the key to success

Evolution is nothing but holistic skill development over a larger period of time. Humans were also born like other animal species and struggling for food. They developed skills to hunt, make tools, light a fire, cook, amongst others to evolve as a species. They thus inculcate much higher intelligence quotient than their various counterparts.

Skill development in today’s world is learning a skill or an art.

It shall help an individual to evolve into a work-ready asset. It shall also help them in developing a progressive attitude towards his or her career in particular and life in general.

Why Skill Development is Important in India?

India is home to more than two billion people. They require basics like food, water, space, and respectful living. Providing for them itself puts tremendous pressure on our already depleting natural resources. We need as many schools, colleges to teach them and then jobs to absorb them into. This does not happen. Most of the individuals in our country are poor. They are unable to attend schools, colleges full-time. As a result, they tend to drop out of the educational system. They also lack knowledge and worthiness to enter a progressive industrial or corporate work- culture all their lives. Skill development schemes and centers help them learn and train as skilled craftsmen. It helps them enter these industries as a professional and earn a good livelihood.

Virtual Reality for Skill Development

More than half of our population is uneducated. Thus, they essentially require skill development. The Government understands this. It has already spent billions in creating physical skill centers far and wide. Virtual Reality as technology can help reduce this cost to a fraction of what it already is. The end result will be better skilled and efficient workforce. Virtual Reality basically provides a platform to create real-like worlds of learning.

These 3-dimensional worlds can train individuals at their homes itself. The important features of skill development through Virtual Reality are:

  • MOTIVATING: An individual, who has left education, shies away from all kinds of learning all his life. These technologies based modules tend to attract them, due to their interactive self-learning and self-teaching methodologies.
  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Since these modules are digital in nature they can be seen and heard anywhere, anytime as per the comfort of the learner. The learner is simply not required to physically attend schools and classes.
  • LEARNING WITHOUT JUDGEMENT AND PREJUDICE: These modules tend to help a learner learn at their own comfortable pace. There is nothing like a slow-learner or a fast learner. The lessons taught and skills provided are the same for one and all.
  • TRAIN: These modules also provide space to practice the learned skills in 3-dimensions. After all, there is no other teacher as hands-on training and experience.
  • SELF-ASSESSMENT: These modules also include interactive assessments that help a learner to self-analyze their levels of learning and work-readiness.

HelloSaarthi Technologies have been creating such modules called SARAL (meaning ‘easy’ in Hindi). As the name suggests, they tend to make life easier for the learner (by providing easy learning) as well as the Government (by saving on huge funds spent in skill center development, land, employee salaries, etc.). These modules are based on Virtual Reality. They make learning fun and efficient for the learner.

Skill-Training in Industries Through Technologies of AR, VR, MR, AI & IoT

Owing to our huge numbers, India is known for its low wage skilled labor. But, industries require skilled professionals. Companies can now employ 3-dimensional Virtual reality-based HelloSaarthi modules for this. It will help them to skill and train their employees in virtual environments which give the learner a feeling of real like environment.

They can self-learn and practice from these modules. It shall help the company save up on high trainer salaries and time spent in HR development. The hands-on training shall help develop more efficient work-force as the final outcome.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Artificial Intelligence as technologies offer various innovation for development and use. Skill development is by-far, one of the most rewarding applications, with far-reaching results.

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