A racing track right through your bedroom. It may sound a bit over-dramatic, but this what Speed Rush achieves. Enabled in 2-dimensions as well as 3-dimensions, the gamer gets the realistic feel of the experience right from their smartphone or laptops. Like the real roads and tracks, it shall also have marketing and navigational banners all the way inculcating augmented marketing space and scope. Add to this the thrill of slaying it out in the company of friends, all competing simultaneously or by turns. A road built for you, the enthusiastic gamer, maintained and always available for you. Virtual Burnout’ is experienced in 2-dimensions using a touch controller as well as in 3-dimensions by virtue of an accelerator. Specific Credit Score shall be awarded to the gamers in lieu of the distance traveled and banners crossed, which is redeemable in the form of discounts in self-promotion and augmented reality marketing services availed in the Virtual Marketplace created by the parent company. The game has been designed keeping in view the various safety regulations and guideline issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO/RTA). The drivers are given ample space to experience and test for crashing circumstances results henceforth. Being, a virtual space, these crashes eventually shall not harm anybody or object physically or monetarily. Players are always well guided about the approaching pathways through pop-up banners as well as a GPS -guided, accurately navigating partner. The pathways of the tracks are lighted by banners that shall promote and market our sponsors in a new market-disrupting fashion. The overall feel shall remind about the luxurious racing tracks of the USA and Europe, experienced from a home in India, at a fraction of the cost of the ticket for one.