We are offering the learners a classroom that will come to them, inside their house, to their bedroom, in fact to their mind complete with all the required knowledge and information. They would be able to access these classrooms from anywhere, at any-time, learn from experts, communicate and exchange notes with peers, all in real-time. It is based on the concepts of next-generation virtual classrooms, which we call the VIRTUAL PAATHSHAALA. It is an excellent tool for the teachers as well to teach and connect with students the world over through augmented learning. Students can actually experience learning in 3-dimensions in this classroom. A chemistry student can perform as many experiments and a biology student can dissect as many bodies to learn. This platform has been designed with the sole intention of making learning a fun-filled experiential process, customized as per the learner’s choices and pace. It welcomes the new era of augmented reality in education.