Not so long ago, buying anything required going to the market, checking products, services and then buying them. Then, came the times of online shopping. It included viewing images online, buying products and getting them delivered at your doorstep. What if the two could be combined for the viewers? An experience could be created wherein the viewer gets to see the whole products, store, library, etc. in a real-like feel, but from the comfort of their smart-phones from anywhere anytime. This is technology next generation and HelloSaarthi Technologies has been developing many inspiring developments on this concept already. These are termed as the Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality based mobile applications. The experience is developed on the concepts of Augmented Marketing, wherein your products shall be seen by the customer in Augmented Reality backgrounds.

Your mobile application is an extended store in itself that could be launched on every mobile phone of your intended customers. Thus, it should be a shadowed image of your brand and its values. We listen to every detail mentioned and cater to every requirement of our client. The Virtual Reality platform can be utilized in these solutions to create applications that may take your intended customer and app viewer into a completely new world. Whereas, as an application of Augmented Reality in retail display, your website or application will enable a 3-dimensional view to exhibit your products, their usage, composition, services offered, store information, amongst other things in the real- background. We can customize the platform and developing strategies as per each of your unique requirements, your products and idea.

We make smarter applications with Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality platforms which are more interactive and attractive for your customers. Moreover, we assure you our applications shall easily help you target the key user market with location-specific and time-sensitive messages, apart from an attractive experience. We have garnered in-depth market knowledge of customer likings and trends, and utilize it to create different, yet phenomenal application concepts.

The number of mobile phone users and data subscribers is touted to cross the 5 billion mark by 2019. It is clear that the mobile phones have enchanted the world with their ease, computability, customizations, and mobility. It is thus, a global market whose prospects cannot be missed by a future envisioning entrepreneur and company. In a world of ever-popping online startups, HelloSaarthi Technologies can provide your brand and its image the ‘holistic experience’ edge. We take the interactivity and personalization aspects to a whole new level with a third dimension to provide the real-like feel within your application through augmented marketing. If you are eyeing a tech revolution for your brand image, customer targeting and long-term relationship. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality mobile applications should be your idle tool and HelloSaarthi Technologies your idle aid.