Leaving No One Behind This World Disability Day

Disability Day 2018

All of us are created equal and meant to be so. A disability, weather physical or mental, should not be allowed to define how a person should be treated in the society, by the society. The disabled or the differently-abled may not be able to walk, move, learn, do things properly, but they are definitely able to feel, connect to, and understand people’s reaction, discrimination and general ‘down looking‘ behavior. They just yearn for a society that shall treat them equally and inclusively.

As per the 2011 population census, India is home to more than 26.8 million disabled. These figures crossed the 35 million mark by now. Economy wise too, such a large part of the population cannot be treated as unworthy of productive work. Ironically, this is also what these differently-abled individuals are looking out for. They wish to be known for what they are able to do, and be provided by the government with appropriate opportunities and skill sets to develop into a sustainable part of the workforce population.

Visible And Invisible Learning Barriers

In a country as diverse and as unequal as ours, where even the basics means of living are absent, not everyone can access self enhancing facilities, like schools or universities. Inadequate means of education combined with ever increasing rates of unemployment has turned our demographic dividend into a disaster. As a sustainable solution, ‘Autodidactism’ or self-learning should be made to empower the country’s youth by boosting their skill set; able or differently-abled. Without the barriers of income, language or infrastructure, our counterparts should not be made to drop-out of school or crave for expensive books and glamorous universities.

Learning Disabilities

The number stated above is just an indication, of the number of individuals actually suffering. There are many more who do not come to the fore front for lack of diagnosis or due to the societal taboo attached with the concept of mental issues. Most of these people suffer from mental or learning disabilities, which are not visible straight away. They require a clear vision of mind and skills to diagnose and then utilization of developed solutions accordingly. Learning disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dysphasia, auditory and visual processing problems, Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient exist in our society in quiet large numbers.


Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Pablo Picasso, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg amongst others are geniuses of their fields who overcame their learning disabilities. These individuals just differ in the way their mind functions. They have ambitions as well as the vision to grow on it; but are unable to do so mostly due to the lack of tools and opportunities available to them. They require on-time diagnosis and skilled help to grow into success stories. There are some hearty citizens who are working to bring these individuals to common work platforms.

Women: They Suffer The Most

Women suffer with gender bias as well as disability bias. Thus, differently-abled females are one of the most ardently discriminated individuals on the face of earth. They are also marginalized with scarce or no opportunities, salary-biases and different kinds of abuse. In the name of societal traditions, they are limited to homes, with no respite from oppressive conditions. It has been proven, time and again that these talented females merely require skilling, development and growth opportunities to come at par with their normal counterparts.

United Nations And The Disability Day

The United Nations, as an international organization of Human Rights was at the forefront of taking cognizance of the situation faced by the differently-abled and then taking of simultaneous steps. The annual observance of the International Day of disabled persons was proclaimed in 1992 by the United Nations General Assembly resolution and the Convention on the Rights on persons with disabilities was signed in 2006, which has also been ratified by our government.

The 2018 theme under the same propaganda is ‘Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality’. In response, our Government too has widened the scope of ‘disability’ as a term in the Rights of persons with disabilities act, 2016; followed with massive steps like the Accessible India Campaign.

HelloSaarthi Technologies: Enabling The Differently-Abled

Since the differently-abled have had too little, for the longest time period; it would require a lot of hands, for a long time to diligently work and bring them at par with the social normal of equality in treatment and total inclusivity. We a research and development company in New Delhi, using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence platforms has been trying to shoulder this very responsibility.

For individuals suffering from learning disabilities, HelloSaarthi Technologies have launched HelloSaarthi EduCards. They are a learning tool that inculcates appropriate, yet simple tests designed by psychological experts to diagnose these issues. Their results can be shared with your esteemed selves through our servers. Moreover, the kids suffering from these issues can be made to learn through the same ‘HelloSaarthi EduCards’ as well. Based on the concepts of Augmented Reality, they make learning come alive for the learner in 3-dimensions. The learning directly communicates with the brain, making learning an interactive easier and a fun-filled journey. The learners can repeat the concepts, re-learn, practice, write, speak as per their own pace and comfort.


Thus, they enter a world of learning, explore it, and practice in it independently without any need of special teachers, special classes and special schools.

Experts suggest that these learning disabilities can be treated well, if diagnosed on time. HelloSaarthi EduCards can provide a wholesome solution at the correct stage, with correct diagnosis and help that shall enable them to self-learn and self-grow.

world disability day

HelloSaarthi Technologies, as a socio-technical company have come up with 3-dimensional skilling and educational modules to train all the disabled till the grass root level. These training sessions are being made available through the mobile technology which owing to its affordability and ease of use is now accessible for one and all.

We have also launched a very unique and innovative SelfEmploy application. It enables these skilled individual to register and work as freelancers or self-employed professionals, without any investments from their side.

All this is being done, to create a holistic growth-enabling environment for the differently abled. It is the duty of each one of us, that they be wholeheartedly included in our circles; be it work, family or society in general. You can join us to work for the same, through our campaign initiative of #Virtuallyabled. With inexpensive and flexible learning applications, software and modules of HelloSaarthi Technologies available on mobile-screens, nothing will stand them and success… not even their circumstances.


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